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A Touch of Light

A Touch of Light is a not-for-profit company dedicated to creating social change through the Arts, using Captive Art™ created by prisoners from around the world.

raised $917.00

Adaptive and Inclusive Movement (AIM) Initiative

The Adaptive and Inclusive Movement (AIM) Initiative engages people with disabilities by providing opportunities to express and connect through creative movement in an inclusive environment.

raised $3,750.00


The mission of ajusticenetwork is to use the arts to affect positive social change and bring the diversity of dance and performance art to communities worldwide. We encourage collaboration between artists as well as interaction between artist and audience. Our productions uphold and encourage unity, collaboration, diversity, and artistic excellence.

raised $11,235.00


raised $6,071.00

Base Camp Studios

Base Camp Studios strives to be the hippest artist collective, gallery, and performance space in Downtown Seattle. We are a home for those pushing the creative limits: artists, makers, and our surrounding community. 

raised $2,690.00

Blue Mouse Theatre

The Historic Blue Mouse Theatre, celebrating 100 years of movie magic, is raising funds for new theater seating to enhance the customer experience and maintain competitiveness in the rapidly changing American film industry.

raised $3,167.08

DAIPANbutoh Collective

DAIPANbutoh Collective is a Seattle-area collective of performers and educators whose members came together out of a shared interest in the art of butoh. DAIPAN explores and supports the work of its members, provides educational opportunities, produces evocative performances, and hosts an annual butoh festival.

raised $2,860.00