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$869.00 contributions
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"Push/Pull's mission is to:
Promote underground art and comics.
Foster community between those creating and viewing art.
Encourage emerging artists, illustrators, and cartoonists.
Innovate the way art is consumed by presenting it in a unique environment and with nontraditional events. 
Stimulate diversity by actively seeking out marginalized and under-represented artists.
Push/Pull is a co-operative LLC, each member is a business owner with specific responsibilities relating to the running of the business. Push/Pull does not have plans to hire employees. Members are responsible for a majority of the programming. We work to accomplish our mission by curating art at locations that are not traditionally arts focused, creating a welcoming space at our storefront location, hosting a variety of community events at low or no cost, and running youth and adult education programs."
Cara S donated $20.00
Amanda P donated $80.00
David L donated $42.00
Michael C donated $27.00
Sarah G donated $20.00

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Updates and Donors' Comments


Sorry I didn't give through GiveBIG -- I had $20 to my name at the time with everything that happened personally.


To support teen art program. Thanks!


Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Push/Pull!


To support teen art programs.