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WEAVE Presents

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“America is an anomaly in the world. It’s a multi-ethnic multi-cultural democracy. That is what America by its founding and by its constitution is. America is not natural; natural is tribal. We are fighting against thousands of years of human behavior and history to create something that no one’s ever done. That’s what is exceptional about America. This ain’t easy. It’s an incredible thing.” - Jon Stewart Nov 17, 2016
Education in America does not prioritize the study of arts and culture and too often ignores its true roots. As such, we have forgotten our lineage and remain unaware that what is now considered American music, dance, film, and theatre has a rich, complex, and intertwined history. America was woven from varying threads of colors and traditions. WEAVE Presents brings that beautiful fabric to life.
We believe we can attract curious minds with our intimate atmosphere, intentional performances, ethnic food, craft beer, fine wines, and well-poured cocktails. We believe we can entice performance artists with our hospitality, great sound, and above-average compensation. By connecting audiences with artists in a welcoming environment, we believe we can have a good time, re-educate ourselves and re-integrate our roots. Perhaps then, we can begin to realize the ideals that make America an experiment worth fighting for.
WEAVE Presents is a nonprofit performing arts and education organization that values curiosity, connection, and collaboration by showcasing our local independent arts community and inviting audiences to celebrate the multiracial and multi-ethnic roots of American culture.
WEAVE Presents is powered by Shunpike.

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