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Capoeira Life

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Capoeira is an African-Brazilian alternative form of education that encompasses music, dance, self-defense, bodily awareness, health, nutrition, arts and crafts, history, perma-culture and song-writing. Capoeira strengthens community and builds cross-cultural and inter-generational connections by passing down cultural traditions that are rooted in ancient history. When the people of Angola and other parts of Africa were taken captive and forced into slavery in Brazil, they used ancient warrior techniques to fight their oppressors. Because the practice was outlawed in Brazil by the imperial ruling class, the art form was adapted by disguising fighting techniques as a dance and incorporating music and many other artistic elements. Capoeira has evolved into a rich, beautiful art form that has the power to transform lives and communities. The Mission of CapoeiraLife is to transform people, especially people from diverse working class communities, to become fully aware of their body and surroundings, making them agile and flexible in all aspects of life. By teaching both ancient traditions and modern Capoeira techniques, we aim to ensure that this sacred element of African-Brazilian culture survives for generations to come.
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From Kyla and Titan


I'm so glad to be able to support the strength of this diverse and vibrant community of capoeiristas committed to social justice and communi