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Fogue Studios and Gallery


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Fogue™ Studios & Gallery, a community of like-minded professional artists located in the heart of the arts district of Georgetown in Seattle. Where they are changing the paradigm of “aging”. Hey! 50 is just a number. These 50+ year-olds started grunge, drank artisan coffee before it went mainstream, and are still rocking it. This is no “senior center” craft store, this is a professional gallery and studio space where your “elders” prove just how vibrant, creative, and relevant they (still) are. Multi-disciplined artists put on mixed media “happenings” in the Fogue™ Gallery and in the working studios occupied by Fogue™ members. These happenings include, poetry/literary readings, live music, performances and over 200 pieces of original art on exhibit and for sale all in one space.

Fogue™ members literally have centuries of life experience developing their artistic craft and voice. Founder Patti Curtis deeply desires to change the perception of old. “We have often been overlooked as creatives and producers of fresh work and innovative ideas, when in fact, we are in the most productive and creative period of our lives”. Curtis continues, “As a female over 50 I started feeling invisible. As a cosmetic marketing executive, I worked in a field steeped in idolizing beauty and youth, I experienced first-hand the ridiculous perception that over 50 is old. Products weren’t geared toward my age group and I was slowly pushed out along with many of my “older” colleagues”. According to AARP, people over 50 control more than 70% of the US disposable income. Yet, only about 10% of marketing is targeted to the “old fogues” past the age of 50!

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Thank you for creating this great platform and space!


To All Of Us 50 And Over!


As a Fogue Artist, it is my honor to support the this beautiful gallery and artist collective.


Action speaks louder than words.