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Friends of Art Zone

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The Art Zone, with Nancy Guppy, is a half hour, weekly television and web series that exists to promote the art and artists of the Pacific Northwest. The Program is funded in part by Comcast through a grant to the Seattle Channel, administered by the Seattle Channel: Friends of the Art Zone is a fund-raising component of the Program, outside of the Seattle Channel / Comcast partnership that allows for expanding coverage of the arts through the commissioning of Art Zone Program content. Nancy Guppy and Sheila Mullen, creators of Art Zone, are independent contractors for the Seattle Channel. The Seattle Channel can not raise funds for Art Zone programming, thus the need for creating a separate entity, Friends of Art Zone. Art Zone with Nancy Guppy currently serve an established audience within the Pacific NW, by airing on cable Channel 21 and through our efforts, airing on KCTS/9 Public Television. The all-access stream on the Seattle Channel web site gives artists and arts organizations free access to audiences around the world and the ability to share the information we create in their own information network. We serve artists, arts organizations and audiences.
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