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The New Centre For Research & Practice

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The New Centre for Research & Practice is an international, non-profit, higher education institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences, offering graduate-level certificate programs, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, residencies, and conferences in Art & Curatorial Practice, Critical Philosophy, Media & Technology, Social & Political Thought, and Transdisciplinary Research & Practice. Our carefully selected network of thinkers and scholars advise and assist those seeking to make the transition between undergraduate and graduate schools, as well as from graduate school to the professions. Through studying at the New Centre, students practice graduate level research in a manner that does not interrupt their existing artistic or academic aspirations, but instead complements, enhances, and intensifies them. The New Centre is conceived upon the idea that the space of knowledge is a laboratory for navigating the links between thought and action. Our pedagogical approach bootstraps the conventional role of the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences to construct new forms of research and practice alongside, within, and between the existing disciplines and technologies. The New Centre’s aim is a constructivist one, to assemble an environment, both virtual and actual, that inspires our members to invent alternate understandings that can be put into collective practice. All of our seminars, roundtables, and symposia are conducted online via Google+ Hangouts, enabling participants, from instructors, to interlocutors, to students, to engage from anywhere in the world. 
MEMBERSHIP: Members gain access to our entire 500+ hour seminar video archive, as well as a variety of resources including reduced rates on tutorial consultations, research assistance, mailing-list announcement opportunities, and voting rights in The New Centre’s Annual General Meeting. 
CERTIFICATES: We offer five different twelve-credit Certificate Programs. Each Certificate requires 120 hours of live, face-to-face classroom sessions (with a limit of thirteen students) + consultations and mentorship sessions with our instructors and organizers.
ROUNDTABLES: Since 2014 we have held over thirty livestreamed talks, including most recently, Sylvia Federici’s heavily-attended talk at SEIU Local 503  in Portland, OR, which now has nearly 3,0000 views on YouTube. Most of our roundtables are available open-access.
RESEARCH: Twelve “Re:search Groups” are currently active, each with between 100-200 members: New Art Re:search Group, New Metaphysics Re:search Group, New Music Re:search Group, & Transubjectivity Re:search Group. 
PUBLISHING: &&& is both our book publishing imprint and journal. Thus far, the books we have published include Francois Laruelle’s “Phenomenon & Difference: Essay on the Ontology of Ravaisson” (&&&, 2018) and Gilles Deleuze’s “What is Grounding” (&&&, 2015). 
COLLABORATION: We have collaborated with the journal E-Flux to jointly participate in the 2016 Venice Biennale (the largest art exhibition in the world), and with The New School for Social Research in NYC, amongst many other institutions.
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