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White Rabbits Inc

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White Rabbits Inc is a production house that serves as an example for all artists who seek to take control of their artistic lives. The frustration and disillusionment felt by artists of all ages, genders, and ethnicities can be palpable, and is not be ignored. White Rabbits Inc believes that when one lacks the sufficient, desired opportunities to create and share one's voice, one is obligated to make those opportunities happen.
White Rabbits Inc is interested in producing stories that are uncomfortable - the wrong, the disturbing, the polarizing -  and invites audiences to question these themes.

"BLACKBIRD" by David Harrower

White Rabbits Inc with Libby Barnard and 18th & Union, are producing the Seattle premiere of Blackbird by David Harrower in May - June of 2019
Content Warning: in discussion of this production, there are mentions of rape and abuse. We will mark these triggers with ***, so you may skip if needed. Look for ** to deliniate the end point of these topics.

Called “one of the most powerful dramas of the century” by The New York Times, Blackbird is "a brilliant and tantalizing study in sexual obsession that leaves one both shaken and stirred” (The Guardian).
**Ray, fifty-six, has a new identity and a new life, thinking he can't be found. Una, twenty-seven, has a new life too and has just arrived unannounced at Ray's office. Raw emotions run high as they both attempt to reconstruct the sexually abusive relationship they had fifteen years ago, when she was twelve and he was forty-one. Blackbird is a story about living in the aftermath of rape and abuse—about the struggle of demanding a new future while carrying the weight of a traumatic past.
Blackbird became a dream play for Libby when she came across it for a class 5 years ago. ***As a survivor of rape, it helped her realize that she is not alone. She hopes that in doing this play, audiences will find that they have the power to reclaim their lives, no matter how they have been shaped by their abusers. It is not easy or without mess, but she knows that together, we can refuse to keep it contained.**

Your generous donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and goes toward fair payment to the artists dedicating their time and energy to this project.

After we pay the artists and expenses, 100% of any and all profits will be donated to the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC).

KCSARC’s overall purpose is to alleviate, as much as possible, the trauma of sexual assault for victims and their families. Our mission is to give voice to victims, their families, and the community; create change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence; and instill courage for people to speak out about sexual assault.

Our above goal will help us pay our artists for the tremendous effort they're putting forth AND allow us to make a sizable contribution to KCSARC.

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Beautiful job to all involved with this production.


Thanks you for making the kind of brave theater I love to support


Happy to support brave work! Wish I could be there.


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